20 lb CO2 Cylinder – New Aluminum

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  • Refillable carbon dioxide tank. You’ll want to check local gas supply companies and welding supply shops to see where you can have tank filled.
  • Brand New Aluminum cylinder (not reconditioned) 
  • Can be used for dispensing beer, for hydroponics, welding, carbonating soda, homebrewing, aquariums and paintball.
  • All tanks must be shipped empty, however if local pickup in our store, we will include first CO2 fill at no extra charge.

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  • 20 lb Aluminum CO2 Cylinder – Refillable
  • Carbon Dioxide Tank (CO2)
  • Standard CGA-320 Valve with male threads
  • Brand new tank. (Not reconditioned)
  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy, making it lighter than steel.
  • Can be used for dispensing draft beer, dispensing and carbonating sodas and soda water, home  brewing, hydroponics, aquariums and paintball.
  • Can dispense of 17-22 half kegs of beer.
  • Black Plastic Handle
  • Dimensions- 8” diameter by 27.3” tall (with valve & handle)
  • Weight empty 24 lbs
  • Note:  All tanks must be shipped empty
  • Local Pickup available at our shop in Northridge. If you live close to our store you can select local pickup and we will fill your cylinder free with purchase of the tank.
  • Check our list of Carbon Dioxide Suppliers to find out where to get your tank filled near your home.
  • Important Note:   All high pressure cylinders must be safety tested (Hydrotested) every five years or they cannot be refilled.  The original test date is stamped directly into the tank and is good for 5 years from that date.  All newly manufactured tanks are tested in the factory and may be warehoused sometime before being sold, so your tank will not have the full 5 years remaining on the test date.   We have a high turnover so your date will be as “fresh” as possible. Getting your tank retested every five years is easy in our store.   We exchange your out of test tanks for similar recently tested tanks, and if necessary will prorate the $25.00 hydrotest fee accordingly.  ($5 per year).  For all other areas, your local CO2 supplier should be able to handle hydrotesting.   Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about hydrotesting.

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 30 in


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