All DOT approved pressure cylinders require pressure testing at regular intervals.

All high pressure cylinders must be safety tested (Hydrotested) every five (or in some cases, 10) years. The test is designed to ensure that no unsafe condition exists. If the tank test date has “expired” it is illegal to refill them and not advised.  The test dates are stamped directly into the shoulder of the cylinder and is good for 5 years from that date.    (Note: there are special high pressure cylinders that qualify for 10 test intervals, but most consumer sized tanks are tested every 5 years).

All newly manufactured tanks are tested in the factory and may be warehoused sometime before being sold, so your tank will not have the full 5 years remaining on the test date.   We have a high turnover so your date will be as “fresh” as possible.

Getting your tank re-tested every five years is easy in our store in Northridge, California.  We can exchange your out of test tanks on the spot for similar recently tested tanks, and if necessary will prorate the $25.00 hydrotest fee accordingly.  ($.45 cents a month or $5.00 per year).

For all other areas,  hydrotests can usually be obtained at local gas suppliers that sell welding and breathing gases.   Please contact us if you need help locating a local gas supplier for hydrotesting.



  • John Aitchison

    August 31, 2017 at 3:19 am

    You can determine if your cylinder has a 10 year test if it has a star and plus after the date. For example, a 10 year hydrotest cylinder that was last certified in July 2015 will be stamped “0715*+”. As a rule, only cylinders rated at 2015 psi or greater get the 10 year hydrotest stamp. All our cylinders are rated at 1800 psi and have the 5 year stamp.

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