Homebrew Stores

Quantity Discounts of CO2 tanks for Homebrew Stores

(Must have resale number)

Call (818) 701-0557 for more information, and/or shipping rates.

All cylinders are new and have a brushed aluminum finish (except the 2 1/2 pound cylinder which is steel and reconditioned). They are all manufactured in the United States, are approved by the Department of Transportation, and have CGA 320 valves.

(Handles subject to availability)
5# CO2 10# CO2
4-7 cylinders $54.00 $81.00 per each
8-11 cylinders $53.00 $80.00 per each
12+ cylinders $52.00 $79.00 per each

Please Call (818) 701-0557 for more information or to place an order.